The Bohemian Tiny Home

A tiny home can be built on a permanent foundation or on wheels. Its unique design requires special insurance that differs from standard homeowners policies.

Whether on a trailer or on your own property, your tiny home can express your design personality with stylish features. Consider these ideas to add color and storage space to your mini abode::

Bohemian Aesthetic

The bohemian style is synonymous with free love and a fiercely authentic existence. It’s an ideal lifestyle for those who work from home or need an escape from the hyper-connected world.

Achieve a modern bohemian aesthetic by mixing neutral colors with bolder hues and a variety of textures, from woven rugs to tapestries. Layer in plenty of artisanal pieces, such as handcrafted vases and table runners. A touch of kitsch can also work. Little porcelain animal figurines for your tabletops or floral canisters for the kitchen add a sense of whimsy and levity.

You can also express your bohemian personality through unique design features, such as the tree branch handrail for the staircase leading to the sleeping loft in this Hill Country tiny home built by Tiny Heirloom and featured on HGTV’s ‘Tiny Paradise.’ The Beachy Bohemian has bunkbeds for two young boys and a spacious bedroom loft with a skylight for the parents.

English Country Aesthetic

As people move away from suburban sprawl and embrace smaller living spaces, they also want to maintain some of their favorite things. The English country tiny house trend reflects this desire for a downsized lifestyle that feels familiar and comfortable.

A classic style that emphasizes rich maximalism, plush furniture and cottage charm, the English country aesthetic can make a tiny home feel elegant and welcoming. Designers recommend using patterned fabrics, block prints and florals in layers to achieve the look. Also, incorporating freestanding antique pieces like wood cabinets or old hutches can add to the cozy vibe.

Achieve a farmhouse style in your tiny home with barn doors, shiplap walls and reclaimed plank flooring. You can also accent your compact living space with nature-inspired artwork or handmade items that speak to your adventurous spirit. For a fresh twist on this design aesthetic, try painting your tiny house in soothing greens and blues.

Cozy Nooks

Creating cozy nooks is easy in a small home. Whether you want to read, relax, meditate, or journal, the right seating can create the perfect spot. Try a built-in window seat, a recliner chair, or a giant bean bag with plenty of pillows. Choose fabrics and colors that promote relaxation, such as light green or pastel shades.

For a serene reading nook, add decorative lighting. A calming light show, such as the BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light, emits a galaxy of moving stars and peaceful clouds that will entrance you while you enjoy your favorite book.

If you’re looking for a more practical reading nook, transform an empty closet into a cozy space with a fun paint color and a few comfy chairs. A built-in window could be a nice touch to create the reading nook of your dreams. The Cozy Cottage from the Get Out House company is a small house that combines style, comfort, and functionality.

Multi-Function Furniture

Furniture that adapts to different needs is a must in tiny homes. Look for foldable designs that can easily transform into a coffee table or dining table. Some of these multifunctional furnishings even have built-in storage for books and souvenirs.

Another type of transforming furniture is a wall-mounted desk or shelf that takes up no floor space. These pieces are great for the home office or living room and take inspiration from modern work desks. They can be adjusted to fit a sitting or standing position to enhance mental acuity and reduce back pain.

Modular sofas are also a popular choice for the tiny house as they easily convert into a comfortable sleep area. Look for designs with reclining functionality to add even more flexibility to the home.

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