How to Repair and Revive an Old Cat Scratching Post

Over time, even the best cat scratching posts can show signs of wear and tear. Instead of replacing an old post, consider repairing and reviving it to extend its life. At Cat Tree Haven, we not only offer new scratching posts but also support our customers in maintaining their existing ones. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to repair and rejuvenate your old cat scratching post.

  1. Assess the Damage

Identify the areas of the scratching post that need repair. Common issues include loose sisal rope, worn-out carpet, or unstable bases.

  1. Replace the Sisal Rope

If the sisal rope is frayed or coming loose, remove it and replace it with new sisal. Start from the bottom of the post, securing the end of the new rope with a staple or strong glue, and wrap tightly around the post until you reach the top, securing again.

  1. Refresh the Carpet

For carpeted scratching posts, if the carpet is worn out, peel it off and replace it with new carpet remnants. Use a staple gun to secure the carpet around the post, making sure there are no loose ends.

  1. Stabilize the Base

If the base of the scratching post has become wobbly, check if the fasteners are loose. Tighten all screws and, if necessary, add additional brackets to enhance stability.

  1. Add New Features

Consider adding new features such as hanging toys, a new perch, or additional scratching surfaces to make the old post more attractive to your cat.

  1. Introduce with Catnip

Once repaired, sprinkle some catnip on the scratching post to rekindle your cat’s interest in the refreshed post.


Repairing and reviving an old cat scratching post is not only environmentally friendly but also economically wise. For materials, tools, and more DIY tips, visit us at Cat Tree Haven, where we are dedicated to helping you keep your cat happy and active.

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