How to Clean Upholstery


If your upholstered furniture or carpet is becoming dirty or stained, it’s time to consider professional upholstery cleaning Auckland services. The following are tips for keeping upholstery clean and free of stain.

Some fabrics do not like too much moisture on them, so various upholstery cleaning techniques are required. Some types of fabrics actually need less moisture, otherwise, stains may occur more easily. Cotton fabrics tend to absorb water more readily, especially if not treated properly.

It’s also important to keep your furniture clean and dry before you use any type of cleaning solution. Make sure you turn upholstered furniture inside out and turn the cushions and throws over periodically. Vacuum the furniture regularly if it has a soft and plush look. For hard to reach areas of your furniture, such as in the corners, use a brush with soft bristles. You should also regularly vacuum the under sofa cushions.

Before you start the cleaning process, take a sponge dipped in mild dish detergent or mild dish soap. Apply the cleaning solution to the affected area and gently scrub the area using the sponge. Be careful not to scrub too hard, which could damage the fabric and cause the stain to become worse. Allow the solution to stay on the fabric for a few minutes, then you can vacuum the area.

If the stain is stubborn, take a cloth or soft towel and gently blot the fabric with an inconspicuous area of the fabric. It’s best to allow the stain to dry before washing the fabric or using detergent on the area. The stains will lift from the fabric rather than remaining for long periods of time.

If the stain becomes too difficult to remove with a soft cloth, you can take a carpet shampoo or liquid laundry detergent and rub at the stain with a soft cloth. Rinse the stained area thoroughly, then vacuum the area to remove as much dirt as possible. Once the stain is removed, apply a small amount of water and blot the area with a damp piece of fabric.

Always rinse your upholstered furniture properly after use. Always use the same detergent solution that was used to wash it when you had the furniture cleaned in the first place. If the fabric is extremely dirty, you can mix some water with some bleach and use this solution to clean it in the hope that it will loosen up some of the stains.

Some of the more expensive cleaning solutions contain bleaches, but if the stain has been left untreated for a long time it may need to be thoroughly disinfected. Using a disinfectant cleaner will make the stain disappear faster. Professional upholstery cleaners Auckland can offer disinfection services, depending on the severity of the stain.

Cleaning is not always as easy as it seems. To ensure you end up with the most efficient cleaning of your upholstery, follow these simple steps. Make sure to use an upholstery cleaning product that is safe for upholstery, especially those that are made of synthetic fabrics like cotton.

To ensure the product is safe to use on upholstery, test it on a small area of the fabric first before using it on the whole room. Also, do not use a lot of pressure on the carpet to get the stain out. If you need to use too much pressure on the carpet to remove the stain, the fabric may split or buckle.

If you are using the cleaning solution to clean the stains on your upholstery, ensure that you dry it quickly before leaving the solution on the fabric for too long. This will ensure the fabric is properly dried before you begin cleaning.

Use good cleaning products and a soft cloth to apply the cleaning solution to your upholstery, so you can avoid any spillages, or else you may end up causing more damage to the fabric. If you spill something, take a piece of paper and wipe the spill off immediately, rather than just rub it away.

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