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The Aari is a 40 foot alloy vessel and has a large deck space and excellent on board facilities including – good toilet facilities, large kitchen and inside seating area, full cover out the back and drop down covers, high deck railings along with brand new rods and Alvey reels.

It is fitted out with all the latest safety equipment including EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon and Lifejackets and Life rings. We also have a VHF radio which is in contact with land. Cellphone coverage is also very extensive over the fishing grounds.

The MV Aari is issued with a Safe Ship Management Certificate from Maritime NZ (number 121045) to operate as a Charter Vessel in the Moeraki area.

The Aari is surveyed to take groups of up to 15 passengers.

About Moeraki Fishing Charters

Moeraki Fishing Charters has been running since 1991 in the small fishing village of Moeraki in North Otago running the MV Kiwa.

Prior to this the 37 foot  “KIWA” was a commercial fishing vessel used for crayfishing.

Kirsten and Callum purchased the business in 2009 and have been successfully running the MV Kiwa as a charter boat since then.

In February 2013 we were pleased with the arrival of the MV Aari to our team. Aari is a larger boat than the Kiwa and we look forward to being able to offer some different fishing trips on this boat. Watch this space for details. The MV Kiwa is still available by arrangement for groups of 8 and details of this can be found in our prices menu.

Our Team

Callum Buchanan

Callum BuchananCallum has been working on commercial fishing boats since High School. Callum holds a Commerical Launchmaster ticket with Maritime NZ along with Diesel Engineer and First Aid certificate.

Callum also spent several years living on Stewart Island and worked on the Stewart Island Ferry and Freight Boat. He also spent a number of years commercial fishing for cod and crayfish and paua diving in Stewart Island and up the coast to Fiordland. Callum now enjoys using his extensive fishing experience to take people on charters aboard his boats and would love to tell you stories about his fishing adventures.

Don’t forget to ask Callum about his Sub-Antarctic expedition.

When Callum isn’t taking charters fishing he is usually….. Fishing.

Kirsten Buchanan

Kirsten Buchanan Kirsten is the first point of contact for organising your fishing and sightseeing experience. Kirsten will help organise all aspects of your trip including meals and accommodation.

Kirsten is also the deckhand for Callum helping you out on board the Aari.


Moeraki Fishing Charters, Moeraki, Otago, New Zealand

Blue Cod

Moeraki is a great little fishing village in North Otago, approximately a one hour drive north of Dunedin and 3.5 hours south of Christchurch. It provides excellent fishing, sightseeing and leisure activities.

Come aboard the 40 foot fishing vessel “Aari” with Callum and his crew for a great day fishing and sightseeing around the coast of Moeraki. Moeraki offers great fishing, beautiful scenery and wildlife including albatross, seals, dolphins and more.

Blue cod, Sea Perch, Trumpeter and Terakihi are just some of the seafood in plentiful supply around Moeraki and Moeraki Fishing Charters would enjoy taking you out to catch these.

The best value fishing charter in the area. Moeraki is a must see when visiting Otago and what better way to see the amazing coastline than on a fishing and sightseeing charter with us.

Our trips go out 7 days a week (subject to weather and sufficient numbers) and we have options available for those wanting to customize there fishing and sightseeing experience with us.

Moeraki Fishing Charters aim is to provide you with an excellent day fishing and sightseeing as well as plenty of fresh fish for your frypan.

Check out our prices now or contact us if you would like further information

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